Carol Blood-Bellevue City Council Member: At Large
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Carol Blood is a reasonable and responsible voice for area businesses, families and our community. As a long time resident of this city, Carol is passionate about making Bellevue a better place to live and raise a family.

Prior to starting her own business in 2005, Carol worked as the Director of the La Vista Area Chamber of Commerce during one of La Vista's strongest periods of expansion. During that time, she was keenly aware of the important role that area businesses must play in the growth of a community. Responsible community growth that includes land use guidelines enforcement and sound growth management strategies. Providing good jobs in Bellevue depends on decisions that this community must make every day. Basic economics is common sense, and Bellevue should always be aware of how its goods and services are produced, bought, and sold and how those profits are distributed within its community.

Carol believes in working for the greater good of Bellevue, not just on behalf of single-issue groups. Blood often works behind the scenes on difficult issues to collaborate with others to create win-win situations for the citizens of Bellevue. As thousands of citizens have already discovered, Councilwoman Blood makes calls each month to hundreds of residents to ask if they have any questions, concerns or comments about Bellevue. This has helped Carol gain a stronger grasp on the issues that pertain to our community. It has also set the bar high for any future at-large council people elected.


I have been a strong steward and good neighbor on behalf of the Bellevue Community since 1992.  I strongly encourage you to learn more about these area organizations, and possibly consider lending your support.
  1. Bellevue Police Community Foundation
  2. American Business Women's Association
  3. Sarpy County League of Women Voters
  4. Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
  5. RiverFest Committee
  6. Nebraska's Offical Veterans Parade
  7. WorldFest Celebration
  8. Sarpy County Women 2 Women Breakfast
  9. Police Citizens Advisory Council
  10. Olde Towne Development Committee
  11. Sarpy County Museum
  12. Bellevue Senior Center
  13. Bellevue Farmers' Market
  14. Bellevue Fire & Rescue Foundation
Born and raised on a farm in rural Nebraska, Carol has lived in Nebraska her entire life. Carol has been married for more than twenty years. She is the mother of three, and  grandmother of five. Carol, and her husband Joe came to Bellevue in 1992 to raise their family. They have called it home ever since. She is a member of Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Olde Towne Bellevue.
Did you know that women have only had the right to vote for less than 100 years? Please make sure that you take advantage of this opportunity and register to vote. One vote does make a difference.

Need a form to register to vote in Sarpy County or a Vote By Mail Request Form? Click on the following link and request your forms. You'll be glad you did!


I am intensely aware of the importance of engaging public input in the decision-making process of short and long-term planning of a community. Most Bellevue residents have never received a phone call or neighborhood visit from their City Council Representatives. This is a priority for me.

Each month, I call hundreds of Bellevue Citizens to ask if they have any questions, concerns or comments about our community. This allows me the opportunity to help clarify city policy, locate areas of concern, and create lasting relationships with area citizens. More importantly, it gives me the opportunity to fix potential and current problems before they become even bigger issues.

-Councilwoman Carol Blood

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